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S TO R E + P R O D U C T  I N Q U I R I E S


We are a family business, Established in 2004.

 We have lived + worked in Oakville for 15+ years, and have designed, renovated and built 12+ homes and properties just in the South East Oakville Area. Having re-designed + renovated homes for 30+ years, we are forever collectors of furniture + decor, that love of design and creation is simultaneous with our brick and mortar store -

A Furniture + Decor Boutique Store. 


Creative business owner Judy, has created a life of sourcing and hand selecting every piece offered in the store, while doing the same for the dozen+ properties she and husband Dominic have owned, designed, renovated and built in South East Oakville. Professional Engineer, Dominic has personally hand built + renovated all the various properties located in South East Oakville. Judy + Dominic built + renovated our premiere Muskoka seasonal brick + mortar store, restored our heritage building location as Winterberry Lane on Thomas St., built + designed the 2 store-fronts we occupied at the Olde Oakville Marketplace, and now our new location at 166 Lakeshore Road East.

Daughter Sarah, is Creative Director, and studied as a display/exhibit major + prop stylist in NYC, she also operates her own styling + creative services business, House of Proper. Son Bradley, also has also helped build the business since inception, has his own renovation business, Project X Homes and is a competing professional golfer for 10+ years.


We thrive on sourcing beautiful + purposeful decor for our clientele, ensuring our boutique offers hand-selected home furnishings, accessories, and a mixture of fine furniture in new, painted + re-designed, and antique + vintage variety.


Multiple vignettes are set within our store communicating + inspire how each piece can relate + unite an individualized space. This mission cultivates our unique + vast inventory.



Through elements evoking emotion and reaction: colour, texture, balance, and proportion and items tangible and functional (upholstery, lighting + chandeliers, mirrors and prints, and furniture: dining room tables, dining chairs, lounge chairs, armoires, corner cupboards, cabinets, end + occasional tables, etc.) you can walk through any display to find settings for entertaining, for comfort, for retreat.


Research, travel + listening to our clientele, we are constantly uncovering + exhausting new sources to bring an eclectic arrange of fine home decor to our store floor.



W I N T E R B E R R Y   L A N E

downtown oakville 2018 - 2021



Historical Bank Building Downtow Oakville Lakeshore Road

W I N T E R B E R R Y   L A N E

olde oakville marketplace 2013 - 2018


There is something really special about a piece with 80 years of history. To have survived that long; in impeccable condition, with detail + craftwork not readily available in today's mass-produced market.  For so many pieces of furniture + architectural elements, the design + style has stood the test of time”

- Sarah

Style: Transitional; Antique + Modern Mix

Looking to expand, we decided to move from our beloved heritage home and joined an established group of retailers at the Olde Oakville Marketplace. We were the first tenants to occupy the space so with an industrial shell to work with we designed + built a beautiful backdrop with millwork and architectural features, a dropped grid of beams finished in trim suspended from the 20+ft ceilings, built specifically for chandelier + fixtures. Another project for the WL portfolio!


We then added the empty unit beside us for a footprint of 3,000+ sf, we replicating the style for in our signature white for a loft style, along with classical trim moulding, and a custom corbel vestibule to connect both sides of the store.


It is here where our painting of antique furniture for the store turned in to a full time service in high-demand by our customers - to paint their own special pieces to modernize them as well. Our custom painting service was born! Our local warehouse has a professional grade spray booth and mostly all pieces are hand-distressed by owner, Dominic.


We are all passionate about preserving the authentic pieces of furniture + giving older pieces a renewed purpose, leveraging their retained value to date and advocating their worthy investment in to the future.


W I N T E R B E R R Y   L A N E

heritage home 2007 - 2013



Style: Traditional

Our family fell in love with 134 Thomas Street, a  downtown Oakville vernacular heritage building. Originally built by a local shoemaker in 1845, we restored + renovated the entire building , and emulated a natural layout of a home, different rooms furnished + decorated for customers to shop comfortably and uniquely through the  ‘dining room’ , ‘living room’ with a custom fireplace, and an upstairs loft area for smaller treasures for example. The ceiling were adorned with crystal chandeliers and space furnished  in impeccable traditional furniture, antique and new - a merged mix from our premier antique store.


Through that growth was our intuition confirmed, we discovered the wonderful relationship between new and old.


Passionate is Judy to preserve the fine furniture of previous generations, giving them renewed purpose, leveraging  their retained value and advocating their worthy investment.  “There is something special about a piece with 80 years of history.  To have survived that long; in exquisite condition, with detail and craftwork, not readily available in todays mass-produced market.  For most, the design and style has stood the test of time- talk about re-using and conserving for our environmental footprint, that’s sustainability!” says Judy.


Appreciating the character of high-caliber fine antique furniture and the innovation of contemporary, Sarah says, “I have found through displaying vignettes that both the timeless pieces of yesterday and the current stylized pieces of today create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but in a differentiated way – they work as literal forms of flattery.”

Style: Antiques

Winterberry Lane is built on the success of our premiere store, Muskoka Amore - A summer seasonal antique furniture, decor and collectibles store located on a cottage compound, filling 2 buildings downtown Port Sandfield/Port Carling, Muskoka. The existing store and additional building were all designed, renovated and built by WL owners. 


After 3 remarkable seasons catering to the demands of cottage country we quickly developed a following, we were enlighted to bring our brick and mortar store full time to our home, downtown oakville, where we lived and worked.


premiere seasonal store 2004 - 2007


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